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Take the spacebar counter, use it to count the number of taps with a space button or participate in TikTok flash mob! ✌️

You have hit the space bar 0 times.

NOTE: Start pressing the space bar to see the number of clicks

What is the Spacebar Counter?

Every day people come here when they are interested in the question - how many times, at speed, can they press a space button? Use this counter (or spacebar clicker, spacebar test and etc) to take part in the TikTok flash mob or to compete with your friends in the speed of pressing the spacebar clicker button or who will hit more times? This toy does not have much sense and functionality, but since you got to this page from a search, maybe you know how to use the space bar in this case correctly! Try test also here & here. Need a timer? Try new space bar clicker Enjoy and have a fun! smile