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Take the spacebar clicker, use it to count the number of clicks with a space button, compete with friends, or participate in new TikTok flash mob! ✌️

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(Start pressing the space bar to see the number of taps)

Spacebar Clicker - our new function that will allow you to count the number of times you have pressed the space bar on your computer or laptop. You can take part in the new flash mob on the TikTok social network, or simply compete with your friends in the number or speed of clicks. To get started - when this page loads, start pressing the space bar on your computer and you will see the number of clicks. The number of clicks on the button will be saved the next time you visit the site, so if you want to reset the results, click the "Restart." Confirm the selected action in the pop-up window and you will see that the counter has cleared. Try also spacebar counter here. Have fun! sunglasses