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Take the Jitter Click Test (memory click test), prove to your friends that you are the fastest! ✌️


Jitter Click Test - this is a technique that will help you click on the mouse button as quickly as possible, which will help you in any online game, including pvp minecraft. The game world and click speed are interrelated things, so if you like to play online games, a quick click on the mouse button will help you win and successfully complete the game. Also, you can just have fun and have a competition with your friends - who clicks faster?

    What is a Jitter Click?

    This is a special way of clicking on the mouse button, which achieves a special click speed and, as a rule, it is the possession of this method that allows you to set various world records. Fingers do not participate in the technique, more precisely, the main role is played by hand vibration, due to which an incredible mouse click speed is achieved.

    In order to successfully learn jitter clicking, you need to observe a few simple conditions:

  • 1) Buy a professional gaming mouse, if the mouse is colorful and has a backlight - this does not mean that it is suitable for this task. Read reviews specifically to quickly click.
  • 2) Tighten your hand.
  • 3) Bend your hand. Your hand should not be completely wrapped around your mouse.
  • 4) Vibrate your hand. Use the muscles to vibrate your arm.

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