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Take the click test 5 seconds, prove to your friends that you are the fastest! ✌️

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How fast can you click? With this 5 seconds click test you can practice click speed, which can be useful for online games or to develop responsiveness, or compete with your friends! 😍 Compete with friends in click test 5 sec - we are becoming more and more every day! Below, you can read what this game is and what its meaning is.


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    What is a Click Test per 5 seconds?

    Click test 5 seconds it is a convenient online tool and online trainer that will help you train your click speed for a certain amount of time, or per second. Here you can either try yourself in competition with your friends or relatives in a dispute - who has the highest click speed, or just practice mouse click speed, this skill is especially useful for fans of various online games, such as minecraft, tekken and others . This game is quite entertaining and you can have fun if you decide to compete with your friends. Try competing for a certain period of time, for example, clicks in 5 seconds, both on this page, and cps per second. What is cps you can find out more.

    What is your cps?

    CPS is a classic indicator of how much you can average clicks in one second of time. As a rule, this is always about one second, but you can always make longer the total time that is allocated to you to click on the mouse. For example, 5 seconds that you can experience on this page. Train your reaction and click speed, even if you are not a gamer - it’s also useful in life, and just spend your time with friends in a fun and challenging way, competing in this wonderful rivalry.

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