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    What is Kohi Click Test?

    Kohi Click Test (kohi clique test, kohi clic test, kohi klick test and etc) is an online click test which helps to improve the speed of clicking the mouse button during a game. Our click speed test is being used by considerable number of gamers over the world. It is useful for Minecraft, Tekken series players and other game fans. Over and over people use it to boost their gaming skills and improve themselves in this field, reaching their goals of winning by clicking the mouse button faster.

    The Kohi Click test tool is programmed to be used on different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and others.

    What is your CPS? Clicks per Second

    The average number of clicks in a second is known as CPS test. We offer you to try our tool to evaluate how fast is the speed of your clicks per second. To get the results high you need to concentrate all your power and use it by clicking the button as fast as you can. Once you get ready to complete the test - press the green button of the counter to start. Tool will start working with the first click you will make. Afterwards the score will appear on the CPS counter area.

    Do not waste your time and start training now with this kohi click test! Concentrate the power of your hand and begin click speed test! Our CPS test will show your clicking speed right after you finish the test.

    Good luck with click speed test!

    What is CPS Test?

    CPS Test - this is actually the same thing, just an abbreviated clicks per second. CPS Test, as we wrote above, will allow you to click speed test and find out how many clicks per second you can make the most. We recommend using this site in order to improve your reaction, to work with hand motor skills - for example, it will be useful for children. Also, it will be useful for teens who play the game minecraft. And, of course, for adults - no one will be hindered by improving the speed of reaction and just have fun while competing with friends.

    How to click in kohi click test very quickly?

    There is one very effective and efficient method - called butterfly clicking. The name was not chosen by chance - you alternately with great speed press the button with two fingers of one hand, thereby creating a movement that resembles the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in flight. This method is the fastest and most effective if you want to break another record or win your little competition with your friends by playing the Kohi click test. You can do this method with the fingers of one hand, or with different hands. But we advise you to stay on the first option - the pressing speed will be much higher. In this way you can set records and get at least 9-10 cps

    Which mice are suitable for the click speed test?

    1. Gaming mouse. They are distinguished by more sensitive mice and a special arrangement, a set of buttons on the keyboard. These sets are best for you to set new click test records and click speeds.

    2. Universal mouse. Standard products are connected through a special port. They will allow you to conduct a good click training session and cps test, but due to their purpose, they will not be very convenient for this.

    If you spend a lot of time competing or training in the cps test, then you should give preference to high-quality sets of computer accessories. They are productive, reliable and of high quality.

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